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Mon Aug 20 17:40:24 PDT 2007

Karen: this is a common predicament for those of us using SL in teaching and
has been asked many times on the list. I would suggest that you do a quick
search of the archives. You'll find loads of specs and suggestions from the
p.s. Buy a Mac Book Pro! :-)

On 8/20/07, Karen <jkmalr at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am in the market for a new laptop and want to purchase one that will
> support SL fully.
> The last (recently purchased) laptop has a high-end graphics card in it
> that
> incompatible with SL.
> I want to make sure I get a laptop/graphics card combo that's been tested
> and recommended.
> I was thinking about a Dell.
> Recommendations or experiences ?
> Thanks,
> KarenC
> jkmalr at gmail.com
> Doc student
> Instructional Technology
> College of Education
> University of Central Florida
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