[SLED] can you please take me of the list

Veritas Variscan veritasvariscan at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 00:41:29 PDT 2007

Actually, Lesley, all the information you may need is on that page.  If
you're having trouble, or can't seem to get unsubscribed then use the option
at the bottom where it tells you how to get your password.  If that doesn't
work then e-mail the administrators, whose names are at the bottom of that
page, too.

On 8/19/07, Lesley Beth <lesleybeth at jazzles.com> wrote:
>  It is impossible to unsubscribe from this list - I was put on without
> subscribing - - I have asked for a password to unsubscribe - nothing.
> Lesley Beth
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