[SLED] Feeding music into second life

Veritas Variscan veritasvariscan at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 17:34:28 PDT 2007

Hey Fiona,

I have sent the iTunes from my computer through a server and heard it on my
land in SL.  It runs through WINAMP and SHOUTCAST.  It's not hard to do.
Some people in SL are willing to charge you to use some space on their
server.  I know one guy who charges around $20 per month (could be less, I
am not sure) to those who want to run their music through his server.  There
are also free places on the web that will let you run music (or podcasts or
whatever audio you wish) through their servers.

Or you can do as Ed suggests and just use a Shoutcast URL in the Media Tab
of the ABOUT LAND menu.  You can also get radios in SL that will
play various streams on your land - all you do is change the channel (by
clicking on a button on the 'radio') to get different music genres.  I have
a nice radio in SL, and I can add or delete stations (URLs) by hitting the
radio in EDIT mode, then going into the CONTENTS tab and putting more
stations (IRLs) into the notecard located in the Contents tab of the Object.

I have a list of a lot of stations (URLs) in my inventory.  If you want a
notecard with a bunch of URLs just give me a shout in-world and I will send
it to you.  My name in SL is Veritas Variscan.

Hope this helps!

On 8/19/07, Fiona Phillips <fiphi at deakin.edu.au> wrote:
> Hi everyone - fiphi from Aus here! Can anyone tell me about their
> experiences with music in second life? What is the best way to feed
> it in? What files work best? and perhaps a little about the steps for
> doing this. Much appreciated Fiphi
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