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You know, Stacy, there may be other ways for you to make your case to the
people who write the checks.  Keeping stats on the sim will help.  You may
be able to set up short response forms on the build, too, asking visitors to
post their comments, feeback and questions.  You can put up bulletin boards
on the land, too, and link the site to your organization's website, perhaps
encouraging people to join your organization.  A dedicated link would permit
you to see who from the SL community had paid to join in RL.  Setting small
signage or kiosks around the grid to advertise your build will bring more
recognition, and there are certainly enough people in SL who are interested
in ship and maritime topics to make your institution an attraction.  And the
occasional Event will bring you publicity if you let enough people know and
invite the press to cover it.  Witness all the coverage currently devoted to
SL in mainstream (RL) media and try to exploit it so that your organization
will become convinced that their venture in SL really is worthwhile.

Hope this helps.

On 8/16/07, Stacy Hasselbacher <stassel27 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> A question for you SLEDders,
> Have any of you ever encountered educational content
> in SL that you had to pay L$ to access? I know there
> are some...umm...non-educational sites like that, but
> I was unable to find any in-world museums or
> libraries, for example, that charged L$ admission. I
> mean, where you actually have to pay to enter, as
> opposed to having the option of adding L$ to a
> donation box.
> I ask this because some in my organization are
> interested in a provable, direct return on investment
> for anything we build in SL. I've been making the
> argument that 1) sharing information is good in itself
> and 2) having a presence in SL exposes us to new
> audiences, and therefore an actual income from such
> activity is not necessary to prove a worthwhile
> return.  But my opinion aside, that is what others are
> interested in.
> So, has anyone encountered a scenario like that? I
> know I haven't found one, even with an inentional
> search!
> Thanks,
> Stacy Hasselbacher
> The Mariners' Museum
> a nonprofit, I swear
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