[SLED] One Week From Today: Put on your Boogie Shoes

Joe Clark jsclark at mailer.fsu.edu
Fri Aug 10 12:28:17 PDT 2007

Good afternoon, all:

Many of you probably participated in the opening discussions with  
representatives of Sloan-C last week.  Since then, members of the SL- 
NET's Social Networking Committee have been feverishly at work.   
Accordingly, you are cordially invited to an SL-NET dance party next  
Friday night, August 17, at 6pm SLT in the Sloan-C area of Teaching  
in SL.  This SLURL should take you to the entry area; just walk due  
west and look for the dancing avatars on the dock, not far from the  
ever-circling ducks:


If you have difficulty locating the par-tay, IM JS Saltwater and I'll  
happily TP you.

Please note:
- in SL, no one knows you can't dance.  We will have plenty of dance  
animations on hand, and you should have no trouble finding someone to  
show you how to use them (usually a matter of one or two clicks).   
With luck, we'll even get some synchronized dancing going.
- Informal attire is STRONGLY encouraged.  Trot out your tartiest  
club togs, your blingiest bling, your raggediest jeans, your least  
humanoid avatar, your most gender-bent alts--anything goes except  
- We will try to provide food and drink, as well as a taxi service  
for avis who grow so MUVE-drunk they can't figure out how to exit.
- Chaos may reign at certain points, but that's SL.  In fact, that's  
RL, too, but you knew that.

The point of this whole exercise--besides dancing, for which no  
rationale is ever needed--is to give everyone an opportunity to  
experience the social aspects of SL and network with like-minded folks.

We hope this will be the first of many similar events, including  
explorations, tours, surf parties, etc.  We will also vary the time  
and day so as to try to include as many people as possible.

See you then!
Joe Clark / JS Saltwater

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