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Giulio Prisco gp at metafuturing.com
Sun Aug 5 23:56:34 PDT 2007

I understand that, from the point of view of a pure immersionist
(someone for whom SL is a parallel life unrelated to RL and as far as
possible from it), voice can break the spell and inject a unwanted
flavor of RL reality. So they say "this will destroy second life as we
know it". I understand it but it is not my case - I am not much
interested in a parallel life, I already do not have enough time to do
all the things that I wish to do in this life.
Probably SL will split in two groups that do not communicate much with
each other. But this is already the case isnt it. Immersionists and
roleplayers tend to stay with others who share their interests. So
there will be a lot of sims with voice disabled, and most
imemrsionists will go there.

On 8/5/07, Matthew Dowd <matthew.dowd at hotmail.co.uk> wrote:
> To be honest I think most of the discussion here is positive negativity about voice whereas on the SL forums it is negative negativity ;-)
> The SL forums tend to invoke cries of "this will destroy second life as we know it", whereas I haven't noticed anyone here claiming that this will destroy education on second life as we know it! Rather, some are advocating that voice in SL is not a nirvana or not (as some would believe) the major technological break through that we've all been wating for, rather than it is just an additional tool which some will find useful, some won't, some with find obstructive, some will find enabling, and some won't care at all.
> However, recognising that, and recognising where voice may be harmful as well as productive is, I believe, a useful discussion,
> Matthew
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