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Giulio Prisco gp at metafuturing.com
Sun Aug 5 01:26:54 PDT 2007

This is also my experience, and opinion. Saying that there are 'few if
any positives' really makes no sense.

One of our clients runs a language school in RL, plans to export their
business to SL too, and has been waiting for the voice release for
months. For them, voice makes the difference between being able or
unable to teach in SL. This can be an extreme example, but there are
many cases in education where voice is a real added value. As a matter
of fact, _all_ our educational clients consider this a very important

Once voice is available, text becomes an added value. One of the
reasons why I prefer skype over the phone, besides the cost, is that
in skype we can also tipe, for example give long phone numbers and
URLs by text.

In IRC we have been saying for years that a voice IRC would be great.
Well, SL with voice is a voice IRC!

Of course, there are and there will always be people who prefer not to
use voice for different reasons that are, I believe, their own

Sadly, there are deaf people who are unable to use voice. But there
are also people who hear well but are unable to use their hands to
type. And there are people who cannot read or write. Not that I think
there are many illiterate people in SL at this moment, but even that
may come in SL or other VR worlds. Now, I am sure everyone will agree
that you cannot teach basic literacy by text;-)

Tha point is that, harsh as it may seem, in user interface design one
has to think of the average user first, and the average user is
someone who can both talk and type, listen and read. It makes no sense
excluding from the UI features that the majority of users can and want
to use.

Special needs: well we have the same problem in RL don't we. Deaf
students, and students who for whatever reason prefer to hide their
age/gender, should be given the option of attending text-only classes.
Similarly, blind students cannot use text, but can still follow a
voice class even if they are not able to use the visual channel.


On 8/5/07, Gavin Dudeney <gavin.dudeney at theconsultants-e.com> wrote:
> Eloise,
> Absolutely - and you've written very eloquently on this before - my point is
> that saying there are 'few if any positives' really makes no sense. There
> are obviously a lot of positives for certain situations. I'm currently doing
> a build for a Canadian outfit and we have a meeting every day. By text the
> meeting takes 45 minutes, by voice it takes 10. I appreciate that voice does
> not cater for everyone, but then neither does text - everything in
> moderation and in the right place and right context seems to me to be a
> better approach than writing voice off (almost) entirely.
> Best wishes,
> Gavin
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