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Sat Aug 4 14:25:43 PDT 2007

Hi Barbara
I have taught many people the swap clothing concept as they struggle to find
"safe" places to change on my island too. Just another difference between real
life and Second Life. Changing clothes is a swap process not a take off and
then put on process. Also you can use Make Outfit when you are in edit
appearance so you can do really quick changes using the "replace outfit"
option. (That swaps a whole folder of clothes for the ones you are wearing.)

There is a lot of helpful info about changing your appearance in the Knowledge
Base (help) and also clips on YouTube (about this and almost everything else in

On a theretical note (can't keep a good researcher down) next time anyone says
SL is not real, or that it is just a game, ask them to get their avatar buck
naked in a public place and see how they feel. If you weren't identifying so
closely with your avatar, you would see it as a cartoon on a computer screen
and you wouldn't care less if "it" was naked or not.

Enjoy the fun of learning about life as an avatar-enhanced human.

Lindy / Decka

Quoting Barbara Pittman <barbarap2 at mac.com>:

> If you have your own island or land, and are expecting lots of
> students who will surely be wanting to change their appearance, but
> you prohibit nudity, do you know of some discrete "dressing room"
> setups, maybe portable ones that you can give to each new student to
> keep in his or her inventory and use for changing appearance?
> I know I'm always looking for a deserted space in which to change
> clothes, because I'm just as shy in SL as in RL.
> Barbara
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