[SLED] SL as a "Top Ten Tool"

Terry Beaubois beaubois at rdcinteractive.com
Fri Aug 3 11:13:30 PDT 2007

Of possible interest to this list:

> Top 10 Tools Index
> What are your Top 10 tools?
> *
> If you are a learning professional (e.g. consultant, developer,
> practitioner, analyst, academic) and active in the field of
> e-learning, I'd like to hear what your Top 10 tools are for your own
> personal learning or working and/or for creating, delivering or
> supporting learning.
> Please send an email to me, Jane Hart, at jane.hart at C4LPT.co.uk giving me:
> The names of your favourite 10 tools as well as a brief explanation of
> why you like each tool. I will add the links and logos
> Some information about yourself and, if you would like me to include a
> picture, either attach it to your email or give me the web address
> where I can download it.
> Thanks for your contribution!

Terry Beaubois / Tab Scott (SL)
Creative Research Lab
College of Arts & Architecture

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