[SLED] ANNOUNCING: SLCC '07 Education Workshop schedule

Jeremy Kemp jeremykemp at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 1 15:28:06 PDT 2007


We are very pleased to formally announce the schedule
for this year's Second Life Education Workshop at the
Chicago Hilton, Friday August 24th through Sunday
August 26th, 2007.


Lead Sponsor: NMC Virtual Worlds

Over 30 academics from four countries will speak. We
are estimating attendance for the education track to
be 200+, up from 80 in 2006. See:

We are still finalizing the in-world event locations.
The entire program is being streamed into SL, and we
should have several hosting locations set up. There
will also be a few events happening in-world only.

For information on the Second Life Community
Convention itself, see: http://slcc2007.wordpress.com

See you in Chicago!

--Dan, Jeremy and Beth

- Jeremy Kemp, M.Ed., M.S.J.
Assistant Director, SL Campus
SJSU School of Library & Information Science
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