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You know --- I recall a similar conversation going on around 1992-93 when
web technologies and all the various plug-ins were just beginning to hit
main stream audiences. Such hideous technologies as email and Usenet were
labelled as being to complicated to pass the "Mom Test". 
Well here it is 15 years later and "Mom" is surfing the net, creating
eZines, and blogging with the best of them. 
You can't be afraid to jump into new technologies as early adopters based on
the fears of what is present in the marketplace today. We all know that the
average computer user today is using technology which is at least 3-4 years
old. You have to look at this as a pioneering environment where the level
that we are at today is where the rest of the masses are going to be 4 years
from now.
If you wait until the technology can pass the "Mom Test", by that point you
are already 4 years out of date with what the technology can offer and the
best ways to use it effectively. Essentially you've wasted a good
opportunity to be at the forefront of 3D educational modeling rather than
leading the pack. The masses will catch-up, the technology will improve, and
all of this that we are going through today is going to make for a great
book on the history of 3D education when students are looking up at you as
having the vision to have accepted the risk of trying to make this
environment workable for everyone. 
Kevin Feenan
SL: Phelan Corrimal


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IMHO - This thread deeply troubles me! Any application that has a chance of
succeeding in public education has to be ubiquitous and fail-safe to the end
user. I refer to this as the "Mom Test" (no sexism intended)" This test
requires that an application be platform independent and reliable as a
refrigerator. Having struggled with various technologies I cannot abandon
the tried and true to experiment unless it satisfies this test. If indeed SL
is hardware dependent it strikes me that as an experimental tool it is
useful but for general use it will be rejected.


Also, IMHO, if it is difficult to use and the learning curve is steep it is
not likely to be adopted. Us techno-geeks are not a good test population.


In fact I believe that to push such a technology into the wild,
disadvantages the general goal of ubiquitous adoption of technology as a
solution in education.




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