[SLED] Any Australians interested in Improvisational Theatre and Drama in SL Workshops by Dan Zellner?

Angela Thomas angelaathomas at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 20:29:31 PDT 2007

Dan Undertone, a.k.a Dan Zellner in his offline life (Northwestern
University) is conducting a series of Improvisational Theatre and Drama in
SL Workshops (through the New Media Consortium - see the NMC Blog post here:

However, the workshops he is offering right now occur at 5am Australian time
every Friday (Australian Fridays that is) in May.

Dan has kindly offered to conduct some workshops in Australian-friendly
times if I can muster up at least 3 other interested people and find some
mutual times. If you are interested can you please email me the following

Name (offline and in SL)
Reason for interest
Any URL or site Dan can read aboutyour current work

Times you would be available on Fridays in May

If you aren't Australian but would be able to participate in Australian
friendly times then feel free to respond.

Many thanks,
Angela (Anya Ixchel)

Angela A Thomas
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