[SLED] New directions for the SLED Picayune ???

Cathy Arreguin cathy_arreguin at mac.com
Thu Apr 26 15:19:53 PDT 2007

A digest would be a HUGE help and invaluable!  However, a good job  
takes talent and time - both of which should be paid for in my  
opinion.  How would people feel about subscriptions that would  
underwrite the time of a talented dedicated editor?

It's just a thought - It takes me hours each week to digest the SLED.  
Personally, I would sacrifice coffee money to free up some of that  
time and know I wasn't missing important developments, conversations  
and information.

Just my own opinion :-)

(SL: Mari Asturias)

On Apr 26, 2007, at 3:08 PM, Gary Hayes wrote:

> One obvious suggestion is some kind of digest, editorial capture of  
> key things in the SLED list. My SLED box has 2785 unread messages  
> and I bet a quarter of them raise some really relevant issues -  
> which I will NEVER get the time to reading
> So I think the actual content is already embedded in a thousand  
> posts per month - perhaps Picayune could be a sort of best of SLED?  
> Which threads provoked most discussion, conclusions (if any)  
> reached, interesting developments and events posted on SLED??
> Thoughts...
> On 27/04/2007, at 8:02 AM, Milosun Czervik wrote:
>> Dear colleagues,
>> Since last September, I've been trying each week to bring fellow  
>> SLEDers an in-world newspaper that has news & articles about  
>> education in Second Life. I would say that its success has been  
>> uneven - largely because it seems that this list is the *only*  
>> outlet for in-world education news/events that matters. Very few  
>> submissions come in on a weekly basis, and it's hard to do issues  
>> that are consistently interesting.
>> So - what are your thoughts? Is it even worth continuing? I know  
>> some here would like to see it continue, but quite honestly, it  
>> cannot be a "one-avatar show." Though the SLED Picayune staff has  
>> made valuable contributions, I've learned that there is a window  
>> of time when folks have time or are interested to contribute, and  
>> then there is a fading away (for whatever reason). Your  
>> suggestions should always be framed in terms of how much time it  
>> takes and who would do the the work.
>> Are there ideas out there for ways to make it more relevant?  
>> interesting? Furthermore, are there people who want to take on the  
>> weekly task of compiling news, events, etc? Is it worth culling  
>> this listserv for such information, or is that simply redundant?  
>> Should there be advertisements sold through it - or is that a huge  
>> turn-off?
>> The folks at NMC are getting a thousand suggestions about how to  
>> outfit/organize their Orientation Island. The only thing they'd  
>> really have to do would be to get volunteers from this listserv to  
>> stand around as mentors in the 'noob rez' spot(s). The best  
>> learning in SL is social - not by sitting through tutorials or  
>> completing isolated skill tasks. I've learned a lot by making  
>> mistakes, but I've learned even more from folks like Mari, Jeremy,  
>> and others teaching me things. And so, I'm again leaning on this  
>> social aspect that makes the SLED community great, and I put these  
>> questions to you.
>> I look forward to your thoughts ...
>> Best regards,
>> -Ross
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