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Evonne Heyning evoamo at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 10:23:20 PDT 2007

Please start creating more interesting spaces!!!

Your students will thank you.  Visitors will thank you.  There's no reason
why your buildings should be exact reproductions of anything historic unless
you're building an Elizabethan age or a modern Iraqi city (both are SL
awesome educator projects that break the mold).  Why not ask your class to
immerse themselves in a time, place, setting that's unique for everyone?

I would love to see more:

   - Morocco, Egypt and ancient cities like the Sumerian and Mayan
   - Surreal Seussian landscapes out of Dali's dreams
   - Modern political scenes like the Iraqi and Middle Eastern sims
   - Alien planet sims and interstellar immersions
   - Integrated immersive learning experiences like Camp Darfur
   - Nature preservation spaces and experiential animal/environmental
   - Wackyland (sorry, that's my husband's suggestion)

With that said, we're opening a new Food Island May 7th to the public;
ribbon cutting will be featured on a 50ft. screen at the FMI Convention in
Chicago in partnership with The Supermarket Guru/Today Show, Consumer
Insight, Kraft, IBM and a slew of media and food providers testing the
waters in Second Life.  A certain amount of realism is required: to bring
many companies and creators together in a neutral space we revisioned the
modern supermarket, creating a community space and equal playing field for
SL creators and real world brands to compete for avatar clicks.  The game is
for the researchers and food information junkies in all of us; our goal is
to bring together people in a fun place where they can learn about health
and nutrition, share in celebrity cooking demonstrations and get recipes and
cooking tips, enjoy nice meals and even win their own restaurant!

To celebrate the Food Island and Phil's Supermarket there is a RECIPE
CONTEST going on now through May 4th.  Winning recipes will be given away
(even better if you've created food items in Second Life!).  To enter please
send a notecard to In Kenzo (inkenzo at gmail.com) to share your favorite
recipe with food providers around the world at the international food
marketing institute meetings in early May.  There's also a $5000L prize for
the winning recipe for those of you motivated most by Lindens!  The winning
recipes will be selected by Phil Lempert (www.supermarketguru.com), Amy Glin
(www.amyglin.com, Celebrity Chef and Market Manager), In Kenzo (

Look forward to reading your delicious recipes!  Bring on your best
interactive edible experiences; I'm eager to see our creators here push the
envelope and make it MORE REAL and more interesting at the same time.

~In Kenzo~
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