[SLED] Education client and educator manned live help (was NMC Orientation Island)

Sean Farrell sean at seanfarrell.co.uk
Thu Apr 26 03:20:58 PDT 2007

On 25/04/07, Nick Noakes <nick.noakes at gmail.com> wrote:
> Following up on ideas around helpers / mentors ... now the client is open
> source, how about creating a client for education (teachers and students)
> that would have an education help request built in? This could be along the
> lines, and in addition to, the SL volunteers plus Lindens manned Help
> request in the client and we (SLED volunteers) could staff it when in SL.

There might be a  way to provide an educationally-oriented set of help
pages using the existing client.

If I recall correctly there's a tweak to the settings which allow you
to replace the initial help page by reference to the index page of
another website.   Chandra blogged about it here - explaining the
change from the settings.ini to the xml format for the settings file.


It could allow such an educationally oriented help site to be used in
place of the SL help, and get things off to a start. Of course you
could always pop up an external browser using llLoadURL, but it would
be nice if we could get some new bits of scripting language which
could pop up and control the help browser within the client window.

Of course an educational client might be interesting in terms of
customising other menus.  Perhaps replacing, or supplementing the find
tool.  You could also add an educational 'favorites' menu to get quick
access to some agreed locations.

Sean Farrell

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