[SLED] Data About Teaching in Second Life - Comments Requested

Meechan, Philomena phili at umich.edu
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If I'm not mistaken, previous posts (NMC Orientation?)  requested info on discipline (history, econ, languages). 

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I think this is a great idea.  I do want to clarify something though.  I am
not affiliated with SimTeach.  That would be Jeremy Kemp at San Jose State.
There is also Jeremy Hunsinger who I think is with a University up north.  I
suppose that us Jeremys should find a way to keep ourselves sorted out.
Jeremy Koester

On 4/25/07, Brett Bixler <bxb11 at psu.edu> wrote:
> Based on recent chat on this list, it does appear that some basic, current
> info on what everyone is doing in SL is needed. I don't want to create
> another wiki, blog, whatever, so what I propose is this: I will set up a
> simple web form you can go to and complete. I will then turn this data over
> to Jeremy Koester for the SimTeach Wiki, or input it there myself. I'm doing
> this for selfish reasons (my faculty want this info) but also for the
> community. It seems to be a gap in our knowledge base.
> Here's a proposed list of data to capture. Please comment on/add to this!
> *
> Personal Info:*
> First Name
> Last Name
> Job Title
> Institution
> Institution Web Site
> Address
> City
> State
> Zip
> Telephone
> Email
> Personal Web Site
> Personal Blog
> Personal Wiki
> *Second Life Info:*
> Second Life Name
> SL Initiative(s)
> SL Location(s)
> SLURL(s)
> Related SL Publications
> Related SL Web Site
> Related SL Blog
> Related SL Wiki
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