[SLED] Grid status for next Wednesday?

Kristian H. Resset kristian.resset at olen.vgs.no
Wed Apr 25 07:18:44 PDT 2007

Myself, I keep Wednesdays between 6-12 AM PDT as a "black hole" and never
schedule anything for that period.

Too often scheduled updates are called off or postponed just hours ahead,
and likewise, the decision of closing the grid to do maintenance could be
taken on short notice.

The only reliable information source on this is the blog, in any case.
Whenever to do an update or not is decided, the blog is always the place
where info will be posted.

Kristian / Professor Tenk

> Does anyone know if there is downtime scheduled for maintenance
> scheduled for next Wednesday, May 5?  I have to do a presentation about
> SL to a group of staff from universities in my area on that day, and the
> type of presentation I do obviously depends on whether or not I can get
> to SL.
> So...does anyone know?  I didn't see any info on the blog...but I may
> have looked in the wrong places.
> Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
> Kathy / Kaydeekay Ariel
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