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Catheryn Cheal cheal at oakland.edu
Sun Apr 22 11:51:26 PDT 2007

I agree with you Alice and thank you for expressing what alot of us feel.
Cathy Cheal
Oakland University

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>   Vampira, et al
>   A few thoughts from my point of view:
>   The killings at Virginia Tech were and are a
>   terrible tragedy. I completely support my colleagues
>   there and what they need to do at this point. This
>   is not the only educators list that I am on and
>   discussing this situation.
>   I am from Canada, where our gun laws are much
>   tighter and we have still had similar situations
>   happen. I think that this is not a "simple"
>   questions about access.
>   I listened to an interview on Tuesday with a
>   psychologist who is working on the issues of
>   violence in schools (didn't get her name, but she
>   lives in the same town that Columbine HS is located
>   in) and she was talking about how we all need to
>   reframe our attitudes about dealing with others so
>   that people are not left out as "loners" (she calls
>   this isolation) and are not "teased" (she points out
>   that this is taunting) ... Good food for thought.
>   Second Life may be a place where as educators we can
>   support positive social networking that builds
>   healthy interactions that nurture us and our
>   students. This is certainly my hope. I'm trying to
>   do this in RL as well.
>   For a long time I have defined evil as treating a
>   person as a thing. There is always hope in life if I
>   do not write off my fellow human.
>   looking forward / mirando hacia adelante
>   Alice Macpherson aka Alys Obviate
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>   "Change is not merely necessary to life. IT IS
>   LIFE." - Alvin Toffler
>   "El cambio no es simplemente necesario a la vida.
>   ESTO ES LA VIDA." - Alvin Toffler
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