[SLED] A report from Virginia Tech (RL & SL)

Mechthild Schmidt mschmidt at HouseWorksDigital.com
Sun Apr 22 11:45:06 PDT 2007

Hi Milosun,

You are welcome to set up a donation collector on our spot on  
EduIsland. There is already a small 'stele' with candles. If you like  
you could be adjacent to it.
(NYU McGhee group)

Mechthild Schmidt

Digital Communications and Media
McGhee Division, New York University
726 Broadway, #669
New York, NY 10003

ms1831 at nyu.edu

On Apr 22, 2007, at 12:36 AM, Milosun Czervik wrote:

> To my SL colleagues and friends:
> First, I want to thank Jeremy Kemp (SL/ Jeremy Kabumpo) for the  
> machinima he made depicting the RL/SL support by San Jose State  
> University. I cannot begin to describe how touching it is to see  
> the incredible outpouring of support from students and colleagues  
> across the nation and around the world - both in RL and in SL.
> To say the healing has begun would be presumptuous on my part - so  
> I cannot report that. To tell the truth, I don't even know if the  
> reality of the tragedy has really sunk in all the way. However,  
> knowing how many people are thinking about us and grieving with us  
> is a great reminder of solidarity, and at least the beginning of  
> the beginning, as they say.
> I just became aware of a great song created by some VT grads ('The  
> Season') and posted to MySpace: http://myspace.com/theseasononline,  
> "Forever Changed," a VT memorial.
> As some of you may now be aware, some memorials appeared early last  
> week in Second Life. The similarities to the RL tributes are  
> noteworthy - not in look, but in function. Many SL residents  
> visiting the sites have told me how much they appreciate being able  
> to express their sentiments in a virtual place - as they would  
> never be able to get to Blacksburg. I talked to someone on Friday  
> about how leaving a statue one has created - or even a free  
> "candle" (in-world) has a similar feel to signing a board or  
> posting to a message board about the victims. Each person finds his  
> or her own way of expressing sorrow. I am sure studies in SL will  
> spring forth from this...
> Rather than go into detail about the VT Memorials in SL, I will  
> point you to my blog about their evolution over the past week:  
> http://milosuns-musings.blogspot.com/
> I do not have all my plans together yet, but I was wondering if any  
> on this list would allow me to put a low-prim (no more than 6)  
> "Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund" donation collector there. The goal is  
> to raise $1,000 US - or more!! - in SL (and we are 1/2 way there),  
> but I will need more places to collect funds. If you are open to  
> this, please email me off-list.
> Thanks again for all your support.
> -Ross
> SL/Milosun Czervik
> milosun.czervik at gmail.com
> http://ictlibrary.googlepages.com
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