[SLED] Splurls - persistent slurls

Bill Freese iedbf at montana.edu
Wed Apr 18 10:35:19 PDT 2007

I think web browsers should color code SLURPLs so we know what kind  
of link they are. Purple would be good.   ;-)

Seriously, this is a great idea. It drives me crazy as a teacher to  
put together a page full of resource links for my students, and by  
the end of the semester, half the links are dead. Often a search will  
turn up the same information, but at a new location. Persistent URLs  
and SLURLs would be a boon. Now, I wonder if I will actually do it.  

Bill Freese / Bill Friis

On Apr 18, 2007, at 10:57 AM, James C. Hayton wrote:

> I think thats a great idea - how about SLURPLs :-)

> Quoting Art Fossett <andybom611 at gmail.com>:
>> I recently suggested the need for Splurls (persistent Slurls) in my
>> Yes, the name is rubbish - I'd love to hear better suggestions.

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