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Sean FitzGerald seanf at tig.com.au
Tue Apr 17 20:16:31 PDT 2007

Wow! All those sessions and, as far as I can see, not a single one 
mentions virtual worlds, immersive environments or games, let alone 
Second Life. Are these guys missing the boat or what?!

Opportunity for you there Trish? The programme hasn't been finalised. :-)

I can't see myself getting to this. It looks a bit dry for me.


trish edmonds wrote:
> It has been really great to see all the SL-ers from Oz pop up in the 
> list but sadly because of the shocking events at Virginia Tech.  Are 
> any of you attending Australasian EDUCAUSE in Melbourne at the end of 
> the month?  Would really like to catch up with you if you are.
> Feel free to contact me off list.
> Trish Edmonds
> SL: Pati Pikajuna
> Manager, Online Education Services
> Centre for Flexible Learning
> Macquarie University NSW 2109
> Australia

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