[SLED] The teen grid has been redistricted - check it out!

D.S.Seamans D.S.Seamans at open.ac.uk
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Hi Barry,


I certainly can't identify them all but I've posted to your blog about
the one I do work on, Schome Park.


Incidentally the blog and image are really useful so thanks.


Dan Seamans

The Open University, UK


www.schome.ac.uk <http://www.schome.ac.uk/> 


Glass Houses <http://conclave.open.ac.uk/glasshouses/> 



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As described earlier, this past week saw the redistricting of the 

teen grid, to more clearly delineate places owned by adults from the 

rest of the grid.


I created two images - one which shows a map of the entire grid, with 

the areas delineated, the second which shows the names and locations 

of all adult owned territory.




Can anyone identify all of the organizations owning land in the teen




Barry Joseph


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