[SLED] 2007SLBP - College Connections

Chris Collins chris.collins at uc.edu
Mon Apr 16 06:16:15 PDT 2007

Hi all!

I have volunteered to serve as the College Connections Liaison for 
the 2007 SL Edu Best Practices conference.   The conference will be 
providing booth space for educational institutions to display 
information about the work they are doing in Second Life free of charge!

This is an excellent opportunity to showcase all of your hard work, 
provide teleports to your campus or student projects, and help 
establish in the minds of administrators, visitors, and the SL 
community how serious we are about education in Second Life.

We will be creating an online form to register for the College 
Connections booth space, but I'd like to get an idea of the number of 
people interested.  If you manage a SL project and intend to 
participate, please reply to chris.collins at uc.edu off-list so we can 
begin to get a headcount.  Make sure you include your institution's 
name and your SL name!!

I would also recommend that people update the semi-official list of 
Universities, Colleges, & Schools in SecondLife at 
with a current SLurl or contact information since I discovered 
yesterday that it's sometimes VERY hard to find your projects 
in-world if your institution name doesn't pop up on Search.

Thanks and I'll be hoping for a flood of emails soon!


Chris Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque)
Facilitator, UC Second Life Learning Community
UCit, Instructional & Research Computing
University of Cincinnati

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