[SLED] Importance of Second Life Participation

Robin Long rlong at harleyschool.org
Sun Apr 15 14:25:15 PDT 2007


I could use some well documented information to convince my school that they should allow me access to Second Life at School in order to explore its educational potential.  The best I have to date is a NY Times article.  I have officially become a Second Lifer, but my dial-up at home is useless and my fast connection at school is currently blocked.  We are undergoing considerable political upheaval in house and I need to make my request well supported.

As the first Internet connection in the school...(on an old pre-285 PC with only Dos access), I do have substantial support for being an innovator, but as a middle school teacher, my arguments fall more to the general need to stay abreast of the virtual learning world - and no one is jumping to push my agenda.

any suggestions...very appreciated.


Robin Long
The Harley School
Rochester, NY 14618
Homework Site:  rlong.wordpress.com

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