[SLED] High school partnership - interest exploration and adviceneeded

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Thanks for the update Sean.  I too work in a high school environment and am 
looking at ways to  use this with my students.  Thanks.
Lisa Williamson
Technology Coordinator
Suitland High Schoool
Suitland, Maryland (USA)
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Hi Maree,

If you aren't already aware of it, Stan Trevena's PacificRim project may 
provide a model for what you want to do:

          PacificRim Exchange - Virtual Exchange Program

    Stan Trevena, the Director of Technology for Modesto City Schools in
    Modesto, California (USA), is building a learning environment
    consisting of several islands on Teen Second Life for a virtual
    exchange program between his students and those from Kyoto Gakuen
    High School, Japan. The idea is that future exchange students will
    interact prior to their exchanges, sharing their interests and their
    cultures, getting to know each other a bit, and maybe learn a little
    of their host country's language before their exchange.

    You can watch a video created for the CoSN K12 International
    (39MB wmv) that gives an overview of the project and highlights a
    student collaborative building exercise, or you can read more in the
    articles The Modesto Bee and Virtual Reality
    <http://www.modbee.com/local/story/13196493p-13836875c.html> and
    Student Exchange, Without the Jet Lag <http://www.edutopia.org/1843>
    or on the PacificRim Exchange blog's 'About' page


Ree B wrote:
> I work at Starmount High School in Yadkin County, NC
> (USA).   Another teacher has come to me and expressed
> an interest in developing a relationship with a
> partner school in another part of the country or
> another country altogether for general information and
> cultural exchange and collaborative projects (and
> possibly language practice), and I thought, wouldn't
> Teen SL be the perfect tool for this type of thing?  I
> shared the idea with her and she is just as
> enthusiastic as me.  This project was literally just
> conceived today and I'm not sure if we'd even get
> approved to do it, so this is a very tentative idea. I
> think the next step is finding out if there are other
> high schools out there who might be willing to partner
> with us.  Anybody interested?  Anybody have any advice
> for us?
> Maree McKenize / Collan Beck
> techaddict.livejournal.com
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