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I have done some training of k-12 teachers in using Moodle and I 
usually just use the documentation that they have online.
  Of course, some people always want paper. For personal philosophical 
reasons, I resist giving paper out in technology training. I think they 
should use the technology. But of course, I work in the same school 
district as the people I train, so they just call me on the phone every 
day to ask questions. Maybe it's not efficient, but it makes them use 
the computer.

 Cynthia Alvarado
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  Hello everyone. I'm going to be training some high school teachers to 
use Moodle in a couple of weeks so I'm about to start creating handouts 
and training materials. Surely someone has done this already, though. 
Why reinvent the wheel, right?
  Does anyone know of a user-friendly tutorial, handouts online? Anyone 
prepared something like this and be willing to share it with total 
attribution credit (btw, this is not a paying gig, just something I'm 
doing to help out a local high school)?


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