[SLED] Re: Telling the CIO/President what you are doing in SL

AJ Brooks sorry.afk at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 17:00:57 PDT 2007

Hey Brett,

I hadn't though about sharing this info and didn't ask
folks specifically if I could.  I'll tell you what, once I'm done with
the publication I'll write to everyone who responded and ask if I can
summarize what they submitted.  Those who say sure, which I'm guessing
most will, I'll send back.  I really doubt it would be a problem, but
I do want to ask first.


On 4/11/07, Brett Bixler <bxb11 at psu.edu> wrote:
>  AJ,
>  This is exactly what I need at PSU when I present to faculty. Any chance
> you can share what you have so far?
>  As for PSU - We are currently running five Faculty Engagement Initiatives
> in Virtual Worlds. These are all exploratory in nature, and include language
> acquisition, information sciences, and a virtual museum. These are all just
> starting, so I don't have anything definite to share yet.
>  AJ Brooks wrote:
> I would like to thank the handful of folks who respond, what I've
>  gotten so far is exceptional.
>  I'm sure there are other out there who have great stories to tell
>  about what you are doing in SL, the result of all your hard work.
>  My time is limited due to the publication date but I wanted to give
>  folks one more chance to put their two virtual cents in.
>  thanx,
>  aj
>  On 4/10/07, AJ Brooks <sorry.afk at gmail.com> wrote:
> This list gets SO much email that it is very tough to read it all (and
>  I use Google, and it is still tough).  This is a curse of riches, to
>  say the least - its a good problem to have.  The downside to it is
>  that a partial answer to my question may already be here but its one
>  needle in a haystack of needles, so I'm going to ask and forgive me if
>  you've already included some details in an email to the group previous
>  to this.
>  I am working on a publication that will be read by CIO/President/CTO
>  types.  I am looking for SPECIFIC EXAMPLES of what is going on
>  educationally in Second Life.  I know that there are many great
>  project ideas and plans, but I'm looking for the type of brief,
>  concise information that would useful in an executive summary.  What
>  would be particularly relevant is specific course names and number of
>  students, what is going on (other than building) on islands that have
>  been bought by institutions, other academic activities, etc....
>  No need to be formal in what you write, just a few quick sentences to
>  encapsulate the activity/ies.  Also, be sure to include your real
>  world name and institution, unless you don't want this specifically
>  mentioned in the publication.
>  I was able to get some information from the interview request I made
>  previously, but the publisher is looking for more specifics.
>  As with any publication, I have a deadline to meet so if you could
>  take a moment right now to shoot me off a quick email, that would be
>  exceptional.
>  many thanx
>  aj
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