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Perhaps someone can point me to the right procedure to find places in SL.  For instance, I searched every category in Search and on Map for Pot Healer's Adventure and came up "none found."
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  Hi Jeff,

  Wow!  I just checked it out and it really fills a need in my  
  opinion.  Two things:

  1. I'm with the SDSU effort. Please contact me and  I can probably  
  fill in some good details for the SDSU post.

  2. I'd like to vote to add Pot Healer's Adventure.  It's not  
  educational by any means, however, it's the best SL effort I've seen  
  that involves multiple puzzles that are best solved collaboratively -  
  all set in a rich visual environment complete with complex  
  backstory.  If one could translate that effort into educational  
  content, I believe one would have a marvelously engaging experience.   
  Check it out!

  Cathy Arreguin
  (SL: Mari Asturias)

  On Apr 9, 2007, at 3:56 PM, Jeff Hiles wrote:

  > I invite everyone to take a look at the following site and give me  
  > your
  > comments and suggestions.
  > http://edumuve.com
  > Having taken people places in SL through various means, having  
  > given out
  > landmarks and notecards, and having made things that give out  
  > landmarks and
  > notecards, I wanted to make a way for educators to take their own  
  > tours of
  > Second Life. There is just so much to see and do. Any guided tour just
  > scratches the surface.
  > So, I've begun to post places of interest to educators at edumuve.  
  > But I
  > invite people to suggest places. Here are roughly the  
  > characteristics I'm
  > looking for:
  > 1) It's a place that's ripe for use by educators in one way or  
  > another.
  > 2) It doesn't need to be an educator's build. It doesn't need to be  
  > built
  > for education. It just needs to have some characteristic that could  
  > make it
  > particularly useful and interesting to educators.
  > 3) I would prefer it be persistently worth the trip there. In other  
  > words,
  > if students build cool things that get wiped at the end of the  
  > term, that
  > may not be very useful if you visit at the wrong time.
  > I already have NIU's Glidden and San Diego State University's EDTEC  
  > Virtual
  > Campus about ready to add.
  > Your suggestions are welcome.
  > Thanks.
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