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I agree with you on all points concerning unification of the grid for TSL.

I would prefer that they create a separate grid/island that is some sort of merged community with heavy controls from Linden.  It should be easy enough to copy/move a building and any educational training materials onto that location from within the adult SL area?  Perhaps a location that is locked down until Linden or subcommittee review?  Not sure if they would head that way given their avoidance of "policing" SL.


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> Although I see some advantages of unifying TSL with SL, such as 
> parent-teen sandbox building and "quality time" for divorced 
> parents separated from their kids, I'll be brutally honest.  I 
> absolutely abhor the idea of the two grids being unified, and I 
> don't want to see it happen.  I put this teen protest in the same 
> category as when my 14 year old wants to park the car "for 
> practice."  He's not old enough, so the answer is no.  
> I fully expect my stance to draw fire; however, my rationale is as 
> follows: 
> 1.  Although I would die for my two teenage boys if necessary, 
> loving them doesn't mean I want to "hang out" with them.  I 
> especially don't want to hang out with their friends, or teenagers 
> in general.   I have my own friends and interests.  And as a 
> teacher, I hold that being "buddies" with teens can sometimes get 
> in the way of teaching them.  
> 2.  Once teens have access to the main grid--PG areas only, of 
> course--it becomes much easier to hack into the Mature areas.  The 
> main obstacle--that of non-interconnected grids--has been removed.  
> No amount of security can convince me that teens will not be able 
> to figure out how to gain access.  For Pete's sake--teens have 
> hacked into national security systems.  I'm sure they can--and will-
> -overcome SL's security.
> 3.  If the two grids are combined, I will be the first to limit my 
> activities in SL to only teaching.  It will no longer be the escape 
> many adults enjoy.  If you think about it, I'm sure many of you 
> speak differently--and with more abandon--with your adult friends 
> than you would with a teenager.  If the grids are combined, any 
> avatar you meet could potentially be a teen.  For me, that takes 
> away my incentive to use SL as an escape, and though many of you 
> may disagree, I'm sure there are many more who will bail from SL as 
> well, taking their dollars with them.
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> We just learned of what is perhaps the first teen-led activism
> campaign in Second Life ABOUT SL. It has the potential to impact both
> grids. They are calling it the Unification project. There are a
> number of elements to it, but core feature if maintaining the teen
> grid but give teens access to PG areas of the main grid.
> Thoughts?
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