[SLED] SLWorld 2007

Jeremy Kemp jeremykemp at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 7 14:23:58 PDT 2007


Yes. Very interested!

I see your blog about this here:

Can you provide some more information? 

o) What is the venue?
o) How can I register and what does it cost?
o) Is there a call for papers?
o) Who is your keynote, panels, etc.?
o) Is your audience academic, commercial, gaming?
o) Will it be mirrored inside SL?
o) How is this related to the SLCC 2007 conference in

-Jeremy Kemp


I organize the SLWorld 2007. The event will take place
from August 02
- 05, 2007 in Amsterdam, NL.

Are you interested?

Best regards

Helmut Reul

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