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I teach our qualitative research methods using SL -
this is the third semester. It's great for interviews
and observations, especially if you're in a small
typical college town where everyone is pretty much
alike (same age, all going to college, all focused on
the same thigns, same musical tastes). The variety of
topics for them to study is amazing. And we've found
they need to brush up on their foreign language skills
sometimes to talk with folks not from the United

I have my students blog about their experiences
(here's the class blog from the first semester -
http://kimsqualresearch.blogspot.com/ - after that we
switched to individual blogs) and I keep a blog too
(http://profkim.blogspot.com) - their blogs are their
research notebooks. I figure since they can do
secondlife anywhere, having their research notes
online would be handy. And their observations are
easily shared too in the class.

We do some exercises in class in secondlife - even tho
we're physically all together - to get htem used to
the process of talking and doing the interviews. I can
deal with technical issues more efficiently that way.
Our school has an island - you get to it from the map,
not search right now - called Park Communication. Feel
free to check it out. If you want to visit a class,
let me know and I'll see when we're going to be in
world next.

I'd love to hear about your plans for your class. Keep
in touch...Kim Gregson (Kim Chihuly in SL)
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> Lili, hi!  Too much email! Maybe someone already
> mentioned this, but Ed Lamoureux at Bradley
> University described his adventures teaching a
> course in field research methods on SL.
> ]
> As another library science type, I'd be really
> interested in hearing how your plans progress!  
> Ilene Frank, ifrank at lib.usf.edu
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> Hi all,
> I'm a to-be faculty in the area of library and
> information science. I'll be teaching the course
> "Research Methods" in the coming fall and I'm
> seriously thinking about delivering some of the
> content in Second Life. I can see that the immersive
> learning environment is quite good for the teaching
> of the interview methodology and participant
> observation. But since I'm still a newbie to SL, I
> guess most of the learning potential in SL is
> unknown to me. I would really appreciate it if you
> could share your experience with me if you have
> taught a Research Methods course or similar subjects
> in Second Life. 
> Many thanks,
> Lili
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> Lili Luo
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> University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
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