[SLED] The Polychronic Classroom (Don't Be Naive, Native, or Immigrant)

Bill Freese iedbf at montana.edu
Mon Apr 2 09:15:54 PDT 2007

Robert Benchly said, "There are two kinds of people in the world,  
those who believe there are two kinds of people in the world and  
those who don't." We draw that line (immigrant / native or  
polychronic / monochronic or whatever / antiwhatever) because it  
helps us to understand something. But the line is always artificial,  
and the people are always multifaceted beings who exist in various  
positions on various behavioral spectra. I found the Prensky article  
to be enlightening, particularly the idea of digital immigrants  
speaking with an accent. I don't think that idea would have worked as  
well without the immigrant metaphor. Many people in my generation,  
despite being able to remember the first moon walk, speak digital  
like a native, and many kids, particularly those from disadvantaged  
backgrounds, are still waiting for their digital green cards. (I am  
really enjoying that metaphor!) As long as we use the categories we  
create to help us explain to each other what we think is going on,  
they will be useful. But we must be very careful any time we say of a  
person that they are limited because they are in one of those  
Bill Freese / Bill Friis

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