[SLED] NMC announces three new low-cost educational communities

Barry Joseph sl at globalkids.org
Sun Apr 1 10:38:19 PDT 2007

Global Kids is already there and excited to be 
share space on the main grid, and shared 
resources, with other educators. We ran our live 
stream this past week on the shared video screens 
from the National Service Learning Conference, 
and it went great.

>Hi folks -- the NMC announced today the opening 
>of three new rental sims for bona fide 
>educators, educational departments, and 
>learning-focused institutions, with full-perm 
>parcels at annual rents as low as $100/yr, 
>priced to fit most any faculty budget. 
>For complete details, see 
>(10pp, 768Kb)
>These sims (Teaching, Teaching 2, and Teaching 
>3) are fully open to the public, and 
>have beautiful central areas with a number of 
>spaces that all the residents on the island can 
>share (see pix attached)   These include a 
>multi-media amphitheatre, a conference room, a 
>large flexible classroom or other meeting space, 
>a gallery suitable for exhibiting student work, 
>and a resource center that has been initially 
>stocked by the folks who run the highly regarded 
>ICT Library in Second Life on each of the 
>three islands.
>Soon to open as well, with a similar approach 
>but more parcel options, are Teaching 4, 
>Sciences, Mathematics, Arts & Letters, and 
>Outreach; those sims each also have "large lot" 
>options available for those looking for parcels 
>as large as a full, half, or quarter-sim. 
>(Custom names are also available for "large lot" 
>Apologies to anyone that might see this as a 
>solicitation, and I guess it is....but part of 
>NMC's not-for-profit aim is to support learning 
>and education in SL.  These parcels are not only 
>very flexible and gorgeous, but are also being 
>offered substantially below our actual cost.  We 
>can do that as our motive is not to gain a 
>profit, but rather to help establish and 
>sustain educational communities in SL.   We 
>imagined this group would appreciate knowing 
>that these low-cost, no-tier parcels are now 
>available to the education community, and so are 
>making this one-time announcement via this list.
>These plots will be hard to beat if someone is 
>looking for a classy-looking bargain and a safe 
>g-rated neighborhood for students and classes. 
>Learn more at 
>Larry Johnson
>Chief Executive Officer
>The New Media Consortium
>sparking innovative learning and creativity
>2499 S Capital of Texas Hwy
>Building A, Suite 202
>Austin, TX 78746-7762
>tel  512 445-4200
>fax 512 445-4205
>email <mailto:johnson at nmc.org>johnson at nmc.org
>web <http://www.nmc.org>www.nmc.org
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