[SLED] need help creating presence in SL

Chan, Jack jchan at bhcc.mass.edu
Tue Sep 26 12:34:56 PDT 2006

Hi -


I just created a personal avatar in SL and am beginning to learn abut
this in-world thing.  However, I did not provide my avatar any linden
currency so I hope he doesn't starve to death.  I work at a community
college in Boston and am responsible for corporate training.   I, too,
would like to learn more about SL and am exploring how to use it more
effectively in the line of work I do.  I recently saw a blurb in
BusinessWeek, 9/11/06 issue, that Starwoods Hotels is constructing a
model of their brand called aloft in SL.  According to the article, the
brand will cater to design-conscious and tech savvy travelers. 


I put myself on this list because I'm involved with education and
thought this would be a good place to start.  Could someone help me find
my way in SL?  Thank you so very much.  


Lost and lonely in in-world.



Jack Chan

Workplace Learning & Development Specialist

Workforce Development Center at Bunker Hill Community College


jchan at bhcc.mass.edu



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Philip, I would be happy to help in any way.  We are having an in world
and real life event  on Info Island on Education in Second Life on the
evening of Thursday October 12. I will send you the information and put
it in the sl calendar. We also have a whole day of education and
libraries in second life planned for real life and in second life for
October 13. You are welcome to invite your educators to any of those
events which interst you.If I can be of help, let me know. Lori

Philip Montgomery <pmontgom at rice.edu> wrote: 

I am seeking advice about how to establish a foot print or an island
campus in SL for Rice University. I am seeking samples of proposals,
white papers on how to do such a thing, or just rough notes about you
did it. I also need advice on holding a conference in SL. 

I took the big step of setting up a meeting for Oct. 16 at Rice U. to
discuss the prospect of holding a scientific conference in March in SL
and to explore the idea of creating a presence through the NMC or by
creating an island just for Rice. I have the support of the school of
engineering, the library and a portion of computer sciences. 

In this meeting, I need to be prepared to answer some of the obvious
questions about security, costs, building a campus, supporting avatars,
limits on the number of avatars, conducting a conference, etc.

I need real nuts and bolts stuff as well as some mentors who can help us
navigate through this process. 

The support at Rice for this project is strong. I don't have to convince
anyone about the benefits of SL, I just have to guide them about how
best to proceed. 

Please send your replies to pmontgom at rice.edu. If anyone else wants this
information, I will be pleased to share what I learn.


Phil (Phil Plante in SL)

Philip Montgomery, C.A.
Archivist / Special Collections Librarian
Rice University, Fondren Library 
Woodson Research Center -- MS 215                       
P O Box 1892; Houston, Texas 77251-1892
Phone: 713-348-2542; Fax: 713-348-6172  
pmontgom at rice.edu _______________________________________________
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