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Jonathon Richter jrichter at uoregon.edu
Mon Sep 25 20:31:59 PDT 2006

People with disabilities could still use text-to-speech... and

I'm interested to see if we can use a 3D version of the NIMAS standards
www.cast.org to make SL accessible to all.

~ Jonathon

On 9/25/06, Gene Koo <gene at anderkoo.com> wrote:
> Again, unscientifically, my own experience:
> 1. In There.com I have a female avatar and my own (male) voice. I think
> ppl
> get over it. If I wanted to, I could probably turn on my sound card's SFX
> processor and change my voice. But like voice itself, that reaches into
> the
> user's technical capabilities/hardware/software. Still, it is no small
> consideration that voice suddenly plunges you back into an element of
> real-world realism. In some situations (you want to create an alternate
> universe) this is a drawback; in others, however, it's an advantage to NOT
> force the user to adopt a persona and use all the psychic energy necessary
> to do so.
> 2. For the novice, text chat can be difficult, and is especially difficult
> in terms of keeping a conversation focused. Some people are slow typists;
> others are very self-conscious about typos. One also has to process all of
> these different threads flowing around in real time.
> In my limited experience in There, if the class is set up as a lecture the
> presenter can speak vocally while others are free to use text chat as a
> public backchannel. This can help segregate the presentation from the
> chatter, though a novice presenter might be just as overwhelmed in this
> setup as when only using text to deliver the presentation. There is also
> no
> reason why you can't use chat or IM in SL to backchannel -- but since it's
> on the same medium, so far it seems to be less prevalent than what I've
> seen
> in There.
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> ^Does anyone know of anything good that's been
> ^written--academic or otherwise--on the topic of using text
> ^chat versus using voice in MUVEs?
> ^
> ^I keep hearing people extolling the virtues of voice, but no
> ^one mentions the drawbacks. Many current Second Life residents
> ^are only able to do what they do now because they DO NOT use voice.
> ^
> ^Perhaps they have a disability that affects their voice or
> ^hearing. They may have an avatar that looks like Superman and
> ^a voice that sounds like Tweety Bird. Perhaps their avatar's a
> ^different gender.
> ^
> ^If voice became a dominant form of communication in SL, I
> ^suspect that the impact on many current SL residents,
> ^including some prominent ones, would be severe.
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> ^Jeff (Farley Scarborough) Hiles
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