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Gavin Dudeney gavin.dudeney at theconsultants-e.com
Sun Sep 24 08:22:32 PDT 2006

I've just finished adapting an open-source piece of code and now have a
working 1-prim RSS reader. Configured via notecard, it gets the last five
items on the blog address you add to the notecard and displays them in menu
form. Click on a menu item to get details of any of the stories (within SL
data limits), click on the details to go to the story in a standard browser.
This is working off a free script on my web server, but you're welcome to
play with it if you like. I've made the object copyable, so you can make as
many as you like, but if you want to use it seriously you'd be better off
installing the parsing script on a web server of your own and referencing
that (since I'll have to take the script down if it begins to impact on my
server performance). That would involve downloading the free script and
placing it on your server, then changing one line in the prim object script
to reference your server instead of mine.
 If you'd like a look, send me an IM, or your avatar name and I'll drop you
a copy to inventory.

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This has been done by a couple people in-world that I know of, possibly

Koz Farina
HippieGeek Book

Both of those avatars have developed code for this purpose, the player by
Hippie is free and works on the principle much like FreeView, users can add
their own content and podcasts which become available to all. 

audio Zenith

On 9/24/06, Alan Levine <HYPERLINK "mailto:alan at nmc.org"alan at nmc.org> wrote:

Jim- this is one of my top shelf things to experiment with; bringing
content(especially audio via podcast feeds) in SL via RSS, and dealing with
the terribly restrictive amounts of data one can suck through the straw.
Contact me at HYPERLINK "mailto:alan at nmc.org" \nalan at nmc.org

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Beth asks: 

Does anyone know if it is possible to stream an RSS feed in-world?   That

is, could you create a buillboard that publishes or syndicates an RSS feed? 

I am working on a way to display generic, nicely styled text on a prim; 

you can read more at HYPERLINK "http://www.syndic8.com/%7Ejeff/blog/?p=600"
\nhttp://www.syndic8.com/~jeff/blog/?p=600 . Would be

interested in workin with some early "customers" for this. I plan to sell 

a commercial version of the prim at some point, but happy enough to get 

some copies out there for free to get some feedback so that I can refine  

make it really, really good. 

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