[SLED] Prosim Virtua - Wiki skin - feedback requested

Jeremy Kemp jkemp at cemail.sjsu.edu
Sat Sep 23 07:14:51 PDT 2006

Hey there,

Have completed a minor refurbish of the SLED Wiki
skin. See:

And a major rebirth of my blog "Prosim Virtua" a pun
of Ut Virtua, "That we may serve". See:

My next todo is to revise my homepage - what could it
be?!? And to prune, refresh and wikify the rambling
SLED Wiki homepage and the Grad Colony page - together
representing a dozen properly formatted wiki pages! 

I recently met Joe Miller, VP of Development at LL. He
cocked his head and asked, "That SimTeach wiki - its a
work of love, right?"

uh.. You betcha Joe! :-)

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