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Rob Rothfarb rrothfarb at exploratorium.edu
Fri Sep 22 19:03:25 PDT 2006

hi Paul,
i've been hit with a bad cold all week, was working from 
home most of the week. sorry i missed you.

i got some good info back from my post to the list from 
Beth Kanter of Tech Soup.  There's a museum professionals 
SL group that just got started, i joined it.  you can 
search for museums under group and join too.  i think it's 
started by a gentleman from university of illinois.

i'm compiling a document of research i'm gathering about 
museum activities in SL.  will share with you early next 
week.  i've been thinking it would be good to submit a 
proposal for Museums and the Web 2007, taking place in SF 
next March and that the Explo is hosting a closing 
reception for regarding museum initiatives in SL.  Rather 
than focusing only on what the Explo is doing, i thought 
it would be good to try to create a dialogue with other 
museums and share in that discussion...so a panel 
discussion/forum.  We could invite selected museum 
professionals to present and we could provide a set of 
provocative questions for the dialogue for panelists to 
respond to.  Each panelist could show their museums work 
via screen or in-world demo.  What do you think?  Of 
course i'd want you and Dave to show the 'Splo and 


On Fri, 22 Sep 2006 16:55:10 -0700
  Patio Plasma <patioplasma at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Robhow
> I'm back from Italy
> I dropped by to say Hi a couple of times but missed you.
> Let me know what you find out.
> Paul D
> On Sep 22, 2006, at 4:56 PM, Rob Rothfarb wrote:
>> Hi,
>> It was inspiring to see the extent of educational 
>>initiatives going on 
>> in SL at the recent SLCC Educator's Workshop.  I'd like 
>>to be in touch 
>> with other Museums who are creating spaces/programs in 
>>SL.  This past 
>> spring, the Exploratorium collaborated with community 
>>members to bring 
>> our live webcast of the total solar eclipse that 
>>occurred in March 
>> into SL. It was a great event and inspired us to bring 
>>more content 
>> and programming into the community. Now, we're 
>>developing a prototype 
>> museum space in Midnight City (called the 'Splo) with 
>>lots of great 
>> exhibits and are also planning another astronomy-related 
>>live webcast 
>> event in November.
>> I know a little about San Francisco MOMA's pieces on 
>>display in SL, 
>> and about the great Space Flight Museum. If you're doing 
>>any Museum 
>> outreach, informal education activities, or experiments 
>>related to 
>> museums, museum-websites, and museum communities in SL, 
>>i'd love to 
>> hear from you to be able to share ideas, discuss 
>>challenges and 
>> initiatives, and potentially collaborate.
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