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Cathy Arreguin cathy_arreguin at mac.com
Thu Sep 21 08:48:12 PDT 2006

Hi Gavin,

The tour vehicle sounds very interesting and I'm trying to find it on  
EduNation.  I've been flying around the island and can't seem to  
locate it.  Could you give specific coordinates please?

(Mari Asturias)

On Sep 21, 2006, at 9:04 AM, Gavin Dudeney wrote:

> Hi,
> Having given up on the accuracy of the guided tour scripts I'd seen  
> so far, and having finally realised the futility of asking newbies  
> to follow a ball which is talking to them, I was almost despairing  
> of finding a decent tour guide. Then I found the one by Blaise  
> Timtam - just out. It takes you on a tour in a vehicle - making it  
> impossible to lose the tour guide, and de-rezzes at the end of the  
> tour. This is a temp on rez tour guide, very smooth ride and easily  
> configurable using a notecard and a set of landmarks. If you're  
> interested - pop over and give it a go at EduNation and see if it  
> would be suitable for your space. I'm really pleased with it, it's  
> a huge improvement on anything else I've seen. I don't know Blaise  
> from Adam, so please take this as a recommendation rather than an  
> advertisement!
> Gavin
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> On 9/20/06, Hiro Pendragon <hiro.pendragon at gmail.com> wrote:
> Are you aware that there are cases where users can abuse report owners
> of land for randomly teleporting them home? And, how do you deal with
> incorrect / misused banning?
> Hi, Hiro.
> Anyone who's griefed you may be be sent home from land you own. The  
> Lindens have never punished this. They've said as much when I've  
> asked.
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