[SLED] How much are you paying for development?

Dirk DaSilva dds at venuma.com
Wed Sep 13 10:31:44 PDT 2006

Unfortunately, the ability to build well and the willingness to build  
for money
are rarely paired in SL. It is a game for many, a means of relaxation.

Managing people who offer 40 hours of work for $1/hour can cost more  
paying full rates to a professional company. The risk is certainly  

In addition, paying normal rates feels more ethical to me. I dislike  
the poverty
trap that I see in SL at times where people have "jobs" that are real  
in many
ways, social, learning, time needed, etc, but pay $3000L/mo. Some  
young people have become very poor because of SL.

Dirk DaSilva

On Sep 13, 2006, at 10:23 AM, Jeremy Kemp wrote:

Thanks Katherine,

This is a double-edged sword. For VERY large projects, I know the  
issue is
lack of professional developers who can deliver on a timeline. Even  
at the
standard $80/hour there is not a strong pool of professional vendors  
who can
manage 150-hour+ projects in a short turn-around of a month or less.

Some grant-funded projects are employing university research  
assistants or
even professional staff at non-profits but the skill level is not there.

One promising technique for very low-end development is to recruit  
at building contests. Teazers University has daily contests run as an
hour-long class. Recruiters sometimes participate in the class and  
then tap
the best builders.

Any other ideas?


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I think a lot of creators sell themselves short in sl, either because of
the sense of community or because of the sense of it being a game. I
practically had to force a scripter to take payment for an hour or so of
work. It was about a year ago, and I think I only gave him/her $4,000L.
(This was after she/he refused to tell me how much and insisted it  
was no

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Hey there,

I'm seeing contract fees for education projects in SL all over the map -
both on my projects and reports from colleagues. Some are outrageous,
too low or too high.

Here's an idea: I will post a menu of production project pricing and  
complete I've heard of or paid myself. This is not a solicitation but
an effort to build transparency and keep pricing reasonable during this
rush period.

$10 (same-day) - 2000 sq m building designed to a sketch and placed on
difficult terrain, permissions given

$10 (3 days) - custom LSL coding to create a data gathering system, open

$5 (next day) - terraforming 8000 sq meters to spec

$45 (three weeks) - 20 hours coding a SL to PHP/MySQL connection  
in-world data stored in a web database, open code

$45 (a few days to arrange) - four sims for rent for about 36 hours  
from LL

$70 (a few days to arrange) - 8000 sq meters rented for two months

$1000 (about two weeks) - garment design for 8 professional uniforms  
paramedic, surgeon, etc.

$12,000 (two months) - entire sim terraform, buildings, landscaping and
interactive navigation system

$15,000 (a month) - entire sim science demonstration including vehicles,
structures, interactive HUD, etc.

What have you seen and/or worked on?


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