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Cathy Arreguin cathy_arreguin at mac.com
Wed Sep 6 10:35:35 PDT 2006

Hi Bill,

If your teachers are planning on K-12 versus higher education  
careers, you might want to encourage them to check out the new Teen  
Educators In SL group that's recently been formed.  We're focusing on  
the specific and unique constraints and affordances Teen Grid  
educators face in designing instruction for this age group.   We're  
designed to be a collaborative, supportive group - not only for  
practicing teachers, but for those who will soon be entering the  
field.  (short story: We deeply respect Ivory Tower research - but  
we're really interested in doable, effective, engaging and  
implemented instruction within the SL environment aimed at teens.)

You can find more info under the Groups tab in Search... or please  
feel free to contact me in-game for more details.


Cathy Arreguin
(SL:Mari Asturias)

On Sep 6, 2006, at 9:45 AM, Bill Freese wrote:

> Howdy,
> I was going to hang back and lurk, not introducing myself (as  
> requested) until I had more to say about my plans in SL, but I have  
> already chimed in on the HTML On A Prim discussion, so I should  
> probably go ahead with the intro.
> Bill Freese
> Director of the Instructional Media Lab
> Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, USA
> http://www.homepage.montana.edu/~iedbf/
> I have been avoiding Second Life for three years because I knew it  
> would suck down my real life. In August, I broke down and took what  
> I intended to be a quick peak. I thought it was going to be a game,  
> but when I got to the prim tutorial on Help Island, I realized that  
> we could teach instructional media production in virtual reality  
> via Second Life. I have spent every moment I could spare since then  
> in SL, including most of the past three day weekend. I am in  
> sandboxes a lot, learning Linden Script.
> I have convinced a student doing an independent study with me this  
> semester to do it in SL. I hope to bring a class here next  
> semester. My students are undergraduate pre-service teachers  
> learning to create instructional media for elementary and secondary  
> students. You can imagine how closely I am following discussions  
> about how to limit contact between students and age-play goth furry  
> vampires.
> I have also gotten my sister into SL under the name Amorette Friis.  
> A small town newspaper columnist in real life, she now has a job  
> writing for Digital Traveler, an SL magazine which is also very  
> interested in the future of HTML on a prim.
> <http://www.digitaltraveler.biz/node/7>
> In the meantime, smoke form forest fires near Bozeman has blown  
> into the valley, producing an effect almost exactly like the  
> distance fog in SL. I am rapidly, and happily, losing my ability to  
> distinguish one reality from another.
> I look forward to learning much from all of you in the future.
> Bill Friis
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