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Hi Iron,
I think it is also important to realize that the ability to visualize future
applications is something that depends on what i call 'base' expertise. Our
intutitions while strong for us might not be so for others from different
backgrounds. It's not that they are wooly minded, just different
intellectual traditions. So if i look at truss for example, and i am a
seasoned truss designer, I might have a gut feeling whether it will hold if
a given truck is going to cross over it. So here my intuition would be
informed by my knowledge of solid mechanics. So, I often found it very
difficult to transfer visions that i am so excited about that I almost fall
sick (hyper aroused)  just thinking about them but exposing it to somebody
else does not often generate the same amount of interest. Bottom line, i
have learnt that ideas are worth a cent each, ideas with prototype may be
two. It's only fully implemented and deployed apps in the wild that matter
(unfortunately and to my distress) because then people can play with it...
experience it.. etc.. etc.. and then may be think 'what was the designer
thinking... when he made this'.
On problems regarding transfer of visons, here's a trivial one. Very
recently, i sent a link for Play2Train to somebody and asked for feedback
about the concept. The person replied and asked :' This is a web site about
pictures and text... you must be a good artist, I dont think this website is
good for training'. Then it dawned on me that hey i made a mistake here... i
should have stressed , these are pictures taken inside a virtual world. So
my mistake here was to assume prior knowledge. Bottom line, perhaps it's a
good idea not to get too worked up about visions that dont get transferred
in the initial stages, it's esseential to build something first and put it
out there.

On 9/6/06, iron perth <ironperth at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well, I think a big part of the educational experience is the shared
> virtual space.  I was a little suprised by the amount of discussion
> here that seems to imply a solitary experience.
> Imagine, for a moment, standing around a conference whiteboard with
> some fellow avatars and the whiteboard is hosting Writely
> (http://www.writely.com/) - a multi user ajax word processor.
> Everyone can view and if you give them rights, they can edit the the
> whiteboard, and the information will be shared with fellow users.   It
> could be like a realtime, interactive wiki in a shared virtual space.
> Add a virtual laser pointing tool and the experience gets infinitely
> more compelling.
> But that whiteboard can be many things, it could be a spreadsheet, a
> multi user drawing tool .. any kind of collaborative ajax application.
> The possibilities are simply incredible .. and they're not just
> possibilities, many of these ajax applications are implemented and
> deployed right now as we speak.
> I hope I have evoked your imagination with regards to HTMLOAP.   If
> not, maybe send me an IM offline (Iron Perth) as I'd really love to
> hear some feedback from people as to why they do not find the shared
> experience as compelling as I do.
> Cheers,
> Iron.
> On 9/5/06, Marie Foster <mfos1 at comcast.net> wrote:
> > Without having any agenda.... if that got rid of the floating text
> > pollution... or even a small fraction of it, I would rejoice from the
> > rooftops.
> >
> > mel
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