[SLED] _blacklibrary moving to Hyperborea

ian at alwaysblack.com ian at alwaysblack.com
Fri Sep 1 03:19:03 PDT 2006

Hello list. Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking...

For the last six or seven months the _blacklibrary project has been  
hosted on the land won by Jeffrey Gomez and team in the Linden games  
design competition. Sadly, that term is coming to an end and so it's  
time to move on.

To that end, we'll shortly be relocating to the new sim (currently  
unavailable to the public) called Hyperborea.

On the bright side, this is a fresh sim and there's more than enough  
space to host our little project and so we're recruiting neighbours  
with an artistic, literary or educational bent. Mynci Gorky's social  
networks research project will be following us from Games1 and that's  
the kind of neighbour we like.

So I'd like to open the invitations up to you good people. If there's  
anyone on here that's looking for space to put a non-commercial  
installation based around the written word, music, educational themes  
or other things of that ilk and would like to be in a friendly (if  
somewhat eccentric) neighbourhood that doesn't mind sharing it's  
meagre expertise, please contact Wandering Yaffle in-world for a chat  
over tea and biscuits.

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