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This is mainly addressed to Robin or Pathfinder or any Linden in the know.

Regarding this line:" Joe Linden: The system is designed such that any
region may come up on any available CPU (of the proper class) out of a pool
of "spares".
and the recent announcement on the blog that the new price HIKE for islands
will NOT affect those bought for educational purposes or by non-profits,
what class of machines will be provided to educational institutions or
non-profits to support their islands?

Hope this question makes sense. Personally, on a side note, $295 per month,
will surely (100%) put SL out of the reach of anyone interested in SL from a
developing country. When I was at SLCC, Phillip did mention that LL was
doing well, and could even sustain itself without dipping into VC money. Why
the hike at this juncture? I am just trying to understand. Probably the
(unexpected?) surge in created accounts.


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