[SLED] What names to use when blogging?

Tiffani Chin tiffani at edboost.org
Fri Oct 27 09:07:13 PDT 2006

Hi Everyone,

(Sorry for the double post if you're on the ED and the ED&Teen lists!)

I'm new here -- and pretty new to SL and TSL.  I run an afterschool program 
in L.A. and one of my students asked if I knew someone who could teach him 
to "script" in SL.  One thing led to another and a colleague (who knows far 
more about computer programming than I do!)and I are getting set up on an 
educator's island.  We're hoping we can teach programming skills to the 
kids who are interested and also pull some other kids into programming by 
using all of the cool graphics and features in SL.

Claudia Linden asked us to do a blog  (http://edboostisland.blogspot.com/) 
about the experience -- and we're hoping we can get the kids to do a fair 
amount of posting.

My question for you all:  any thoughts on whether the kids should use real 
names or their avatar names?  I keep going back and forth.  It seems like 
they should NOT use both -- since that would allow people to figure out who 
they are online... but what's preferred for the blog?

In some ways, it's a moot point -- the kids will be restricted to the 
island so other adults won't have access to them.  But I've been reading on 
this list about field trips and other kinds of fun outings and then I start 
to worry a bit more.

Anyone have any experience in this area?

Thanks and thanks for all of the great information you post!


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