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I dont seem to get my head around the multiverse concept that the netscape
founders are pushing. One thing I dont understand Giulio is what is the
benefit of linking totally decoupled games? How does one move from 'Rabid
shoot them up game' to a 'Volley ball game with beautiful players'
seamlessly? What happens at the level of avatar representation? What happens
to the identity of the player, is it maintained..through the
transition..what exists in the space between those disjoint games (if there
is any)? What happens if one of those cute little animals in a Mickey mouse
game get teleported  and end up in a Quake style shoot them up? Seems to me
that the multiverse as it stands, is really just a developers shortcut to
multiuser games, that are designed to exist in isolation of each other. So
in that respect, I am thinking what do we gain by doing this. How is this
different from me quitting one game, and restarting another? SL is very very
different from multiverse in a fundamental way. It provides a platform in
which you live in to collaborate with peers and can produce games. Major
distinction. If you want to have an isolated game within in SL, so be it,
but u are not forced to, and you are also not forced to collaborate outside
the environment where the game is going to exist.

On 10/24/06, Jeremy Kemp <jkemp at cemail.sjsu.edu> wrote:
> FYI:
> Corey Bridges with Multiverse outlined their beta process at the Austin
> Games Conference, 9/14/06. Listen to a great panel about the future of the
> metaverse by Jerry Paffendorf podcast here: http://www.secondcast.com/?p=8
> Corey Bridges says open beta is soon.
> Bridges has a full session on Metaverse Sessions #6 -
> http://www.secondcast.com/?p=14
> --Jeremy
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> Hi Sarah,
> perhaps you have formed the impression that I am involved with
> Multiverse - sadly I am not, I am just reporting this!
> I participate in the Multiverse closed beta, and am developing a
> concept for a VR world based on their platform. Among the current and
> developing technology platforms, I think Multiverse is the most
> promising.
> It is difficult to get in the closed beta (a lot of paperwork), but I
> believe an open beta is coming quite soon.
> As of today, you can already download the beta client and enter a demo
> world. See http://multiverse.net
> G.
> On 10/24/06, Sarah Robbins <intellagirl at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Giulio: As much as I've heard from you and about Uvvy I had no idea that
> your business model allowed for free worlds when the folks running them
> didn't charge users. This is exciting!!! Sign me up, put me on a list, do
> what ever you've got to, I SO want in on this! :)
> > S
> >
> >
> > On 10/24/06, Giulio Prisco <gp at uvvy.com> wrote:
> > >  TCSDaily on "The Next Big Thing ": Forces are coalescing that will
> produce a shift comparable at least to the spread of broadband. This
> change
> will have enormous financial, cultural and political repercussions, and
> the
> most interesting aspect of the coming transformation is that it will not
> be
> some new and unexpected thing. Rather, the Web for many will become the
> cliched 3D virtual reality that has been so overused as a literary and
> cinematic devise that most of us have forgotten how compelling that vision
> was when it first appeared... In his book Synthetic Worlds, Edward
> Castronova makes the point that practical VR is already among us, in the
> form of the virtual worlds of video games. We will return to this point.
> Much work has been done regarding business/technology cycles but it will
> suffice to paraphrase Ray Kurzweil who has said that the impact of new
> technologies are almost always overestimated in the short run and
> underestimated in the long run... Their plan (Multiverse) is to provide
> virtual world creators the client, server, and development tools to create
> an MMO world. The entire technology platform is free for non-commercial
> use,
> so academics are paying nothing to create economic, architectural,
> sociological and other simulations. For-profit enterprises would pay
> royalties, but only when their games or other applications collect money
> from consumers, not before. This is significant because, until now,
> creating
> a complex virtual world required tens of millions of dollars in initial
> development costs alone. The Multiverse technology, currently in
> beta-testing, claims to lower the cost of virtual world production to a
> fraction of its current stratospheric level. For many purposes, such as
> personal online spaces, there would be no cost at all. Most importantly,
> however, all these Multiverse-based worlds, and many are already in
> development, would be compatible. With the Multiverse client software,
> users
> will be able to access any virtual world built using the company's
> technology. Virtual worlds will become, in effect, ubiquitous. The
> Metaverse.
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