[SLED] Foreign language instruction in SL

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Check out www.languagelab.com - they're supposedly opening a Spanish and
English school in SL soon. Also comeover to EduNation where we have the
Webheads group (ICT in English language Teaching) and we also have
experience of teaching languages. I'm currently in Venezuela for the next
five days, training, with sporadic acces - but happy to talk when I get



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My name is James T. Abraham and I teach Spanish at a community college in
AZ.  I originally heard about SL from Alan Levine when he started at NMC.  I
finally got "in world" after the article in Wired.  I'm still just learning
to move around and haven't explored much.  I was wondering if there is much
being done with foreign language in SL.  Are there any places specifically
for language instruction?  Do many of the avatars converse in different
languages?  I could see SL being very useful for creating simulations i.e.
going to the bakery, ordering, paying.  I've always wanted to do a virtual
study abroad experience and SL seems like a step in the right direction.

Thanks for any help!


"JT Vale"

James T. Abraham, Ph.D.
Department of Foreign Languages
Glendale Community College

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