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Hi Donnell,

Welcome to our SLED list. We have been pretty active lately... I'm
slowly catching up tonight.

I noticed you're in communications. I'd be interested in hearing about
how you might use SL in your classes.



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On 10/19/06, King, Donnell <dking at pstcc.edu> wrote:
> Greetings!
> I've been lurking for a month, and now have 700 messages to plow through! It's time to introduce myself, especially since I'm doing a presentation to our faculty today about Second Life.
> I've been teaching speech online for five years, and have been using the Internet in teaching for eight. I've been at Pellissippi State for 15.
> Inworld I'm known as Dagmar Kojishi. I also have the privilege of covering the education beat for the Metaverse Messenger. There is so much going in education in SL that I'm finding it impossible to cover it all and still take care of my RL responsibilities!
> I almost stumbled across SL when a colleague in Nashville casually demonstrated it after a meeting while we were all standing around chatting afterwards. I came home, got inworld, and was immediately impressed. One of the first things I stumbled across inworld was some information about Real Life Education in SL, which led me to Pathfinder, which led me here.
> I have showed SL to several colleagues individually. Today at 2 p.m. Eastern (and again tomorrow at 2 p.m. Eastern) I'll be showing it in a group setting to any and all interested faculty.
> I showed it to our VP of Academic Affairs a couple of weeks ago; he was impressed enough to say that if we found three or four faculty interested in development, he would fund some things like land purchase out of his budget.
> After getting interested, I learned that our president had come back from a conference six or seven months ago talking about Second Life, and wanting to buy an island. Nobody knew what he was talking about, I think, and under the press of other projects (there is a lot going on at our college), I think it got moved to the back burner.
> In the small world department, I also learned that Dr. Larry Johnson was in the same doctoral program and cohort with our president.
> So I'm hoping this will all come together to lead to interesting things.
> Intellagirl has graciously agreed to be inworld and available during today's presentation. If any of you would happen to be available during tomorrow's presentation, I would be most grateful. It will be a way to demonstrate SL capabilities and talk to a professional colleague who is using SL (other than me--after all, they know me, and I could be nuts).
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> Pellissippi State Technical Community College
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