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Jonathon Richter jrichter at uoregon.edu
Mon Oct 23 13:21:26 PDT 2006

Hi Sadie, er Risa!

I was a candidate for a tenure track job in EdTech there at NAU a few years
back -- very nice place to be it seems. Best of luck getting on there!

The social construction of reality in SL is a VERY interesting topic - one
that we share. I'm interested in how the avatar can become a projection of
the learner and the inventory a portfolio of work that the student can use
to demonstrate competencies in various areas (standards, etc.).

Welcome to the SLED!

~ Jonathon Richter

On 10/23/06, Risa Garelick <risagarelick at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Wow...I love that this list serve is so active...though it did take me
> hours
> and hours to get through all of the emails! I have been reading here and
> there for a week...and have a good feel for what is going on here...
> I am an instructor of Sociology at 3 Northern Arizona institutions-hoping
> for full time at anyone them. Really, wishing for full time anywhere
> (aaahhhhh, the life of an adjunct.) I have been teaching in the classroom
> and online for about 8 years and am very interested in incorporating sl
> into
> my online instruction.
> I am interested in sl for many reasons (so it seems many of us are.) One,
> I
> am in the process of designing a research project on (broadly based) the
> social construction of self. I will be doing qualitative interviews (in sl
> through my avatar) and will additionally include a quantitative approach
> (statistical) to analyze some information...just in the process of
> narrowing
> things down a bit. I am certainly in the early stages and would love some
> feedback and suggestions.
> Secondly, I am interested in teaching workshops or classes in
> sl...possibly
> sociology, criminal justice or conflict mediation. Whatever the need or
> interest...I am thinking conflict mediation.
> Third, to see what amazing things that all of you are doing. Honestly, it
> is
> very exciting and groundbreaking in the academic field.
> And lastly, I have been playing around in second life for fun...and wow,
> from a sociological perspective...it is just fascinating!
> So, I am thrilled to be a part of this list serve and really look forward
> to
> future discussions and postings.
> Have a great day,
> Risa
> Known in SL as: Sadie Liebknecht
> Risa L. Garelick M.A.
> Adjunct Faculty
> Sociology and Social Work
> Northern Arizona University
> Coconino Community College
> Yavapai Community College
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