[SLED] Foreign language instruction in SL

James T. Abraham, Ph.D. james.abraham at gcmail.maricopa.edu
Mon Oct 23 10:17:46 PDT 2006


My name is James T. Abraham and I teach Spanish at a community college 
in AZ.  I originally heard about SL from Alan Levine when he started at 
NMC.  I finally got "in world" after the article in Wired.  I'm still 
just learning to move around and haven't explored much.  I was wondering 
if there is much being done with foreign language in SL.  Are there any 
places specifically for language instruction?  Do many of the avatars 
converse in different languages?  I could see SL being very useful for 
creating simulations i.e. going to the bakery, ordering, paying.  I've 
always wanted to do a virtual study abroad experience and SL seems like 
a step in the right direction.

Thanks for any help!


"JT Vale"

James T. Abraham, Ph.D.
Department of Foreign Languages
Glendale Community College

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